Monday, April 25, 2011

A Change of Pace

I’ve shared lots and lots of stories of family vacations, sometimes I was one of the kids, sometimes I was one of the parents. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, I grew up and then my kids grew up. The family vacation faded, didn’t disappear, just slowly slipped into the back burner of our lives.

In the fall of 2004, Nick went off to UW-Platteville and then thanks to his friend’s dad, was able to get a job working for his engineering firm the following summer. The job was in Washburn, just up past Ashland. We took our pop-up camper and set it up in Memorial Park right on Lake Superior. This was perfect for my son – camping all summer long and making money besides.

Val and I took a ride up there in July, ate supper with Nick, spent the night in the camper and the next day visited Bayfield. The next month, as Nick’s job was winding down, I drove up there for the night and hiked to some waterfalls, by myself, the next day. It was a melancholy – and beastly hot – time.

Another thing that happened that summer, I filled the last pages of the Travel Log. Now, I suppose I have to dig out the next journal where I documented even more journeys.

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