Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Family Archives

Since I am in a transition between trips of my own right now, and also busy getting ready for the state convention of medical assisting, I thought I would just show you some pictures from way back before I was born. Enjoy. I'll be back next week.
1952, near Ontonagan on Lake Superior. My dad, brother Tom and sister Judy eating what appears to be lunch out of the side of the car.

1954, Big Island, Virginia. My sister Judy and my brother Tom with some women that were living there too. My dad was working on the mill there at the time. My family got to live in the dumpy trailer in the background, because they had kids, while these other women lived in the nicer trailer. (Doesn't Tom look like Calvin, from the cartoon Calvin and Hobbes?)

1954. My dad and my brother Tom at Natural Bridge

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