Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lifest day 1

Last night, I promised I would tell you something inspirational today, something from Lifest that grabbed me and recharged me. Of course, the things that grab me and inspire me are the things you would least expect.

At the first speaker that I listened to, I ran into a woman I know from our hometown. She was with her sister and her sister’s fiancĂ©. Her sister’s fiancĂ© knew the speakers (actually it was a married couple), so we all went for lunch together. These people were all very nice and it was interesting getting to know them.

Was that inspirational? No, but it was still a “wow” moment for me. Life is short and we never know who we will run into. Starting a conversation with a total stranger may not change either of your lives, but it will change those few minutes that you are together. You’ll never see them again, but that doesn’t mean that those were wasted minutes.

I’ll repeat it – life is short. And during this little bit of time, out of all of eternity, we will meet all kinds of people. Some we will like, some we won’t. But if we interact with them, that is precious time, so don’t waste it. Make a difference, even if it is just a smile or a “hi, how ya doin’?”

My cute little campsite. Just a place to come take a nap.
Matthew West, at the Edge stage, sharing personal stories. I could have zoomed in, or walked closer, but wanted you to get the effect. (Effect of what, I am not sure.)

Josh Wilson playing at the Thrivent Cafe stage. My campsite is not too far behind him.

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