Friday, July 8, 2011

Lifest day 2

What did I do at Lifest today? I listened to Reggie Dabbs, Peder Eide, Daren Streblow, Andrew Schwab, Geoff Moore, Andrew Peterson. Wow! And if you want to know what they talked about or what they sang, click on their names to go to their websites. I don’t need to write it all here. But as promised, here is what inspired me.

Believe it or not, in between all these speakers and singers, I actually went back to my little campsite to try to get in a nap in the sun. Before I go any further, I should tell you my one and only vice (honestly there is only one; my husband can confirm that). I don’t drink, or smoke, or swear, or go to bars. But every day that I am not at work, from April 1 until November 1, as long as there is no snow on my deck (note, I didn’t say no snow in the yard) and the sun is out, I am on the deck working on my skin cancer, I mean my tan.

So, today, during my little break in the Lifest action, you would think I would be soaking up those rays. Instead I lay there looking at the sky hoping for clouds to cover that beastly hot sun. Since when has the heat stopped me?

I watched this particular cloud just dip past the sun and it dawned on me. Isn’t that how it should be especially here at this Christian event? The Son – not just the sun - can’t be hidden behind a cloud. He needs to shine down on us all. And even when the clouds of sin get in the way, He is still there; we just can’t see Him, we don’t feel His loving warmth. Sometimes we can chase those clouds away on our own, but usually we need to call on the Holy Spirit to help us.

Great, another reason for me to want to soak up those rays.

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