Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lifest day 3

As you may remember if you read an earlier blog, I have some issues with my eyesight (or maybe it is more likely issues with vanity). I have a pair of reading glasses in nearly every room in the house. I usually carry two, if not three, pairs of glasses with me at all times. My bifocals usually stay in my purse, but I will wear them when driving some place new (I feel I should really be able to read those traffic signs up ahead).

While at Lifest here in Oshkosh, I have been trying to wear my bifocals faithfully. Some of those singers put the words they are singing up on the Jumbotron and it’s kind of nice to be able to read them.

In addition to carrying all these glasses in my backpack, I like to be prepared with everything else imaginable. A first aid kit, pens, markers, highlighters, a notebook, ibuprofen.

The first day at Lifest, a group of us were sitting around at lunch in the sun, and someone mentioned that they should have put on sunscreen. I pulled a bottle out of my backpack, and everybody lathered some on.

Yesterday, as I was waiting to purchase a comedian’s T-shirt, a stagehand asked the guy behind the table if he had a marker. He did not. Being not only always prepared, but always helpful, I asked, “Do you mean a Sharpie?” And I pulled one out of my backpack.

Later that same day, as I was sitting down for another singer, I went to put on the bifocals which I had just been carrying around, and one of the lenses was gone. Oh, nuts, I thought, what am I going to do now? I retraced my steps and found the lens back at my campsite, in the can holder of my camping chair.

That was amazing, but what good would it do me now. With all my preparations, I did not have an eyeglass repair kit with me. Well, there’s another thing to put on the packing list.

But can we really be prepared for absolutely positively anything that might possibly happen? Of course not. Luckily, God is always prepared. No matter what life throws us, what breaks or what we lose, God has our backs covered. He may not send down from heaven a tiny screw and screwdriver, but He will be there for us when we call on Him.

We got Reggie Dabbs on saxophone.
We got kid's art work
We got legs

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