Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dino Chronicles

Have I ever shared how I came to name my blog “Dino Chronicles”? Just like I am obsessing about what to rename my blog, I had the same issue in February 2010 when I first started this endeavor. I remember distinctly sitting in the big chair in the living room, my laptop in my lap, my feet under Dino the Wonderdog on the ottoman.

I kept whining to my husband and both kids, “What am I going to name my blog?” I had nothing, not a single title in my head.

“Mom, just call it the Dino Chronicles,” Val blurted it out.

“Why would I name it that?”

“Why not? Just call it something.”

I don’t get much sympathy around my house. I looked at the lazy dog, sleeping as usual. Why would I name anything after him? Isn’t it enough that, for some bizarre reason, we call him the Wonderdog? And claim he is known internationally (except that is a true statement and another story)? Ok and why not?

So, without any more thought, that’s what I wrote in the little box on the blogger site.

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