Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Never mind my ranting

Afternoon, Wednesday, July 28, 2010

For lunch today, we stopped again at the city park in Eagle Harbor, Michigan. Then we hunted up Pine Grove Cemetery. An interesting cemetery, but not even that old; we found three graves from 2010.There was even a fresh hole dug for someone’s cremains that hadn’t even been covered up yet. They just had the same kind of carpet sample that Himey uses to cover up the cremains hole after he digs it.

The thing is this cemetery was in almost as bad a shape as Schoolcraft. I could not believe it. Ok, it is one thing to forget the people who died a century ago, but do you really want grandma, who died last week, thrown in a hole where no caretaker has ever mowed. It was insane. It was unworldly. I cannot even describe the condition of this place. Sure, the old graves were falling apart, the headstones in disrepair and such. But right next to them were graves from a few years ago, with fresh flowers or other sentimental stuff (the empty beer bottle or stuffed animal) and no upkeep going on anywhere. I asked Himey how he even thought the vault people or the pallbearers could get into these places for a burial today. Sorry to rant, but holy cow, I do not get it. What are the people living in Eagle Harbor thinking??

I took lots of cool pictures though, again. This time for evidence.

After I had calmed down enough, we next drove to Delaware Mine. The lady who runs it was really nice. She said that Dino was more than welcome to come on the mine tour with us, but at $10 a pop, we thought we would skip it. We did do the above ground tour which was only $3 each.

Walking about the grounds, we came to a fenced enclosure and Dino got the snot scared out of him when a momma goat rammed the fence trying to head-butt him. She was just protecting her babies, who I think really wanted to play with Dino. Dino was really good about it, didn’t whine or bark at her and just acted like, “what’s going on here?”

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