Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Where Did I Come From?

Hello, it’s me, Dino. It has been a long time since Mom has let me on the computer. She has not been on it much this week. She says she has another my-grain, so she doesn’t do much when she is home.

Let me tell you how I came to my forever home. It was in the spring four years ago. I was at the pound in Crandon and Dad came to see me early one morning. He brought Mom and my girl Val to meet me in the afternoon. I was so happy to meet them. I kept jumping on them but they didn’t seem to mind like most of the people at the pound. There was a boy who helped walk me and the other dogs that were at the pound. He told Mom and Dad that he called me Demon because I was so wild. I only acted wild because I was so happy whenever people were around.

Mom and Dad – well – I am not so good with words. But Mom and Dad knew what was inside of me, that I was more than just hyper-puppy. Mom brought me home two days later. I was very naughty the next morning. Mom was disappointed with me but she didn’t spank me or anything.

I don’t remember when or why they started calling me the Wonder Dog. I am really not that super. But I love my people and would do anything for them that I could. Lucky for me, it seems that they are especially happy with me when I am just sleeping on the couch.

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