Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ah, youth

Scanned photo - pretty obvious, huh?
Digital is a lot better.

For years, high school graduation has occurred on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend in my small home town. Hard to believe that my son graduated eight years ago already. And for my baby girl, it has been four years. Where did the time go? How did they get all grown up already? Ah, but they are still so young. 

Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young. 1 Timothy 4:12a Good News Translation

I didn’t attend the graduation ceremony yesterday. Because we can never count on the weather, the ceremony is always held indoors, in the field house. With so many people crammed inside, no matter what it is like outside, after an hour or so, it is hot and stifling in there. They told me that it wasn’t too bad though yesterday.

The daughter of a friend of mine was one of the valedictorians and gave one of the speeches.  I talked to her momma last night. Her daughter stood up for what she believed in and in front of the packed field house, gave glory to her heavenly Father, thanking Him for allowing her to be there that day. Did I mention this is a public high school? 

It is Memorial Day weekend. I kind of think it should be God and country, instead of one or the other.

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