Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A cemetery visit

 Since it was Memorial Day this past weekend, on Friday, I helped Mom sort through a pile of silk flowers she had recently purchased. These two for Grandma and Grandpa, those two for Aunt Helen and Uncle Bob. My brother had already promised he would take her to the cemetery here in town the next day. Which left me to place the one bunch of flowers out at Woodlawn Cemetery fifteen or so miles down the road. That’s where the grave of my sister and best friend is.

I know that I have mentioned it before, but Pat passed from this life June 18, 1999, after a long battle with cancer. She has always inspired every word I write, every breath I take. Not a day goes by, barely a minute each day that I don’t think of her, remember her and ask myself “what would Pat do?”

I write for a lot of different reasons, mostly, I suppose because these stories inside of me are burning to get out. But the one story which I hold most dear, which I will not write until it is time, would be Pat’s story. You gotta keep patiently following me and some day you will have the privilege to read Pat’s story and know her like I do.