Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bunny the Pig

Ok, we have all had pets which have wound their way around our hearts, little furry creatures who made each day a little bit brighter just by being there with their eyes full of devotion. And then there are other pets. Pets like Bunny the Pig.

Remember junior high science class, sitting in the room with the animals in cages in the back? You know the room I’m talking about, the room with the guinea pigs. The science teacher would open the refrigerator for something or other and the little guinea pigs would squeak in delight, sure that they were going to get a lettuce treat. Do you remember? 

That’s when I decided that someday I would get me a guinea pig. Flash forward many years and many pets to a daughter who wanted a guinea pig, had to have a guinea pig. And there was her dad, living 400 miles away in a different state offering to give her the guinea pig which her step-sister and half-sister no longer wanted.

I do tend to take in the strays.

So, Bunny the Pig came home to live in our basement for many years. The poor thing. With cats and dogs already in the house, she couldn’t live upstairs where one bedroom door left open would be her demise (I will share the hamster story another time). So she was sequestered to the office in the basement, where the door was always sure to stay closed. 

After what seemed like a few decades – I truly lost track, but someone thought it was seven years! – Bunny took a road trip back to South Dakota, from whence she came. My daughter’s sisters said that the guinea pig lived on for several more years.

And who would have ever guessed that while on a volunteer trip to Peru I would someday eat guinea pig. And like it.

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