Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romancing the Past

This past Saturday, I visited the castle north of my town. Who knew my little Northwoods city had its own castle. Its name is Kelley Arms and it is a work in progress. Looks pretty good on the outside, but inside - not finished much at all, just one room. The owner lives and works full-time about 45 minutes away, so only has weekends to devote to his dream project, doing all of the work himself. 

There is a moat, so to speak.
 A canon for protection.
Even a dungeon if you have been really bad.
 From the parapets at the very top, there are views to watch for invaders via land.
As well as via sea.
What makes castles so fascinating, so romantic? They are from a time when life was harsh, and smelly. No one took showers! There was no indoor plumbing. No electricity, which meant no refrigeration to keep your food or beverages cold. And have you seen those dresses the women wore? Very beautiful, but do you want to wear all that heavy fabric when it is 85 degrees outside? And you guys? You want to wear tights, right?

In two weeks we are planning a trip to Minnesota's Renaissance Festival. One day of frivolity, jousting, drumsticks and porta-potties. It will be fun; it always is. But I still like my modern house with its modern conveniences. 

But a castle on weekends? That would be cool. 


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