Monday, January 7, 2013

January poem #1

For some crazy reason, when I accepted the Ultimate Blog Challenge and committed myself to post a blog a day, I decided that on Mondays I would write a poem. I know, what am I thinking? I can't write poetry. Yet, by studying poetry, by stringing stingy words together line by line, any writer can become more attune to the finer aspects of description.

A friend of mine from Green Lake Writers Conference offers up a monthly poetry challenge. This month's challenge inspired me to pen not one but two verses. The longer one is submitted to Wilda's challenge, but the second one I share here.

I wrote a blog on this subject once. After you have absorbed these lines, check this blog post to clarify my imagery. And then let me know if you think I am completely daft. 

Dad’s New Safe

Big sister
Big safe
Little sister
Big gullible

“I promise I won’t close the door,
Just see if you fit.”

I fit

“But I have to close the door,
To see if you really fit.”

Life flashes before my eyes
It is not more than five seconds
Till I see daylight again
Can breathe again

Big sister
Best friend
Little sister
Desperate for friends
I would say. 

1 comment:

Susan Marlene Kinney said...

Do we all have sibbling like that!! Ha ha!! Your poetry made me smile. I don't critique it but I enjoy it all the same!