Sunday, May 25, 2014

Always Remember and never forget

I know that my Redeemer lives!
What comfort this sweet sentence gives!
He lives, he lives, who once was dead;
He lives, my ever living head!

If you have been following this blog at all, especially last month, you realize how fascinated I am by cemeteries. As I was driving home from church last night, it dawned on me that I haven't taken many pictures at the cemeteries in my own home town. And Calvary Cemetery is just down the road from where I live. So I spun in there, thinking that I would take pictures for a blog about Memorial Day.
As I was walking around I thought it dawned on me why I haven't taken pictures in my local cemetery. There are few really old headstones. 
But that really wasn't it. In other cemeteries, in other cities, I read the headstones, and wonder what happened.
Here, in the town where I grew up, I remember the day like it was yesterday. 
If I didn't know you, I knew a relative, or have a relative who knew you.
And if I don't remember your story, I just feel that much more sad. Not only because I should remember you, but because you are gone. 
But when I remember your story, it takes away the mystery of reading your headstone. 
What really matters, though, is that we remember you. That we never forget and we hold to the belief that we will be together again some day. 

He lives and grants me daily breath;
He lives, and I shall conquer death;
He lives my mansion to prepare;
He lives to bring me safely there.

He lives, all glory to his name!
He lives, my savior, still the same;
What joy this blest assurance gives:
I know that my Redeemer lives!

"I Know That My Redeemer lives" lyrics by Samuel Medley

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