Thursday, May 22, 2014

Trial Run - The Streets of Hatchet Creek, Day 1

Several years ago I stumbled on the blog “I’m Just Walkin’.” The blogger Matt was walking across the United States, taking pictures and blogging along the way. After he had been back home in New York City for a while he decided that his next adventure would be to walk every street in NewYork City, including all five boroughs, which he estimated to be 8000 miles. That seems like a lot, but there is a lot of area to be covered in a city that large. .

After following his blog for a while, I started thinking last year that I should walk every street of my home town. I don’t know how many miles that turns out to be, but I guarantee it is way less than 8000. I’m sure I could figure it out on-line or maybe I could just check with the city and they could tell me how many miles of street they maintain. That’s not the idea though.

The idea is to a] get out and walk (it is the best exercise, low stress, heart-healthy and all that stuff I should be advocating at the day job) and b] document life in the city where I live.

Like I already said, I have been thinking about this for a year, trying to find the time to commit to some sort of schedule. Schedules are highly overrated. I have pretty much decided that I will try to walk once a week and document those travels here. If I am out of town, or the weather is lousy, or I just don’t have a good excuse, I might not make it every week. This is going to be a no-stress assignment.

I went for a trial run last night, taking along three unsuspecting women from church and one dog. I have concluded that I can do this.
Three unsuspecting friends and one dog. Dogs, at least black labs, are always unsuspecting.

I thought we could take this trail that circles part of town, but apparently it is a seasonal trail. 
If you have ever been to Tomahawk, hopefully you have been here. Of all the places I have roamed, Bradley Park remains one of the most picturesque.  
We ended up walking up one alley. I don't intend to include alleys in my quest, but am glad we ventured down this one. 

Another thought has gone through my head. Maybe this could be the start of a trend. Everybody get out and walk every street in their own city, town, or neighborhood. Start your own blog and chronicle life in the place where you live. And if this is already being done, please someone tell me. If this is my idea – great. But if someone previously came up with it, give them the credit.  One way or the other, let me know. 


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to more from your walks around town.

Joyce said...

I have been considering doing a photo tour of the city where I live, and in doing so I would be walking a good bit of it. Not for the exercise, mind you, but for the pics :-) Your area is a bit more picturesque! I'm looking more at buildings where I am, with some Lake MIchigan thrown in between. Can't start until school's out -- summer project.

It's a great idea, Chris! Enjoy!

Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

There are a lot of spots in my town which are not so pretty. I would agree that beauty is in the eye of beholder. We'll see how that pans out when I get into the nitty-gritty of my hometown.

Carol Rehse said...

Chris this is a wonderful idea. I have been taking a photography class which has been so interesting. As a result, I have been thinking of a project and have had thoughts of photographing my town just as you have suggested. Now my mind is spinning with ideas! Thank you.

Denise said...

Hmmmm I will try, I might get 1 a month & it will be the hometown of my very early years (Birth to 5) but my grandparents always lived there and since we moved so much, I consider it my hometown. I will just post on my Facebook page.