Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Warming Up to Summer

As you may or may not have heard, last Saturday we had a surprise birthday party for my mother-in-law.  I suppose I could tell you stories, but I will just show you instead. 

My sweet daughter came up early in the morning and made a beautiful vege tray. Can you tell she works in a upper-scale restaurant. At times like this I can also tell she is her father's daughter. Some day I will drag out and scan some pictures of his food-art. 
 When she had finished the vege tray, she labeled the hummus and was working on a sign for her crab dip when I shot this picture.
 The hubby started up the grills early and got to work on our burgers, brats and wieners. The grand-puppy was waiting patiently for a hand-out.
 "Who me?" the grand-puppy asked. "I would never sneak food off the grill."
 The hubby and I with his mom, our guest of honor.
 Until someone said, "stand up straight, Himey." And I discovered something way more interesting on the other wall.
 "No, I really don't know anyone in this room and maybe if I close my eyes they will all go away."
Now that we are on the cusp of summer, and  will soon tire of the family get-togethers, don't forget to have some good reading on hand. From now until the end of June, for every book of mine which is sold I will donate $8 to Tumaini Volunteers. "A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven" and "The Christmas Story in 40 Days" are both available on Amazon.com, through the publisher Life Sentence Publishing or shoot me an email and I can send you a signed copy. 

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