Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring Growth

Happy May Day! Does anyone celebrate that anymore? Back in the day, I remember there being a May pole and lots of ribbons and frolicking. Flowers too.
But today, I bet, will pass as any other day. And here in the Northwoods, it will pass as another cold, damp day. We are all still hoping for Spring. At least my snow is almost all gone.

With the coming change of seasons, I have a deal to share with you all. For the months of May and June, I will donate $8 to Tumaini Volunteers for each of my books which is sold. These will include books I sell myself, books sold through Amazon or books ordered through my publisher.

I have my first book, "A Time for Every Purpose Under Heaven", on sale for $15 and "The Christmas Story in 40 Days" for $12. If you aren't aware of the world of publishing, I had to pay up front half that price for each book. Which means that an $8 donation for each one means I am losing money.

If you go online, you will see that both books are for sale for even less on and through Life Sentence Publishing. Also, one side note. This is for paperback books only and not ebooks for your Kindle or other device.

If you already have my books, maybe you would like to purchase additional ones now to share with others. With summer almost here, everyone needs another book to read on vacation. 

So why am I doing this? Because Tumaini Volunteers is a great cause and is trying to grow. The best way I know how to make any organization grow is by spreading the word. And spreading the word about my books helps me out in the long run too.

What do you get out of this if you buy either (or both) of these books at this time? First off you get a book (or books!) which you hopefully enjoy reading and sharing with others. Second you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping the new nonprofit organization, Tumaini Volunteers, to grow.

Please read more about Tumaini on our website or on Facebook. 

I will let you know in July how this all went. And I promise to post my usual stuff between now and then. Thank you for your support. 

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