Monday, August 18, 2014

Streets of Hatchet Creek - Day 10

I have been to Tomahawk’s Dog Park once, without a dog, just to check it out. Last Friday, I thought that maybe I could visit with a dog in tow. 
I didn’t read the rules until I had broken several of them. Sorry. 
Had there been other dogs there, Dino might have had more fun. As it was, here is just one more reason why we call him the Wonder Dog – he pooped right there, right after I took the picture, right next to the shovels and the bags. Good boy. 
The Somo Court Apartments had a cool water feature out front. As many times as I’ve driven past here, I’ve never noticed this before. 
 This was an awesome find. 
 As was the view of beautiful Bradley Park.
 The home of the founder of Tomahawk, William “Bill” Bradley.
 The building is apartments now, but still retains its charm. On the outside at least. 
 Just this past weekend, the Depot celebrated its 100th anniversary. I wanted to go to it, but I got too busy.
 Currently it is Pellet Stove Junction; how appropriate, huh?
The old boat factory. My imagination just takes off whenever I see this building. Wouldn’t it make a great youth center or performing arts venue or just something – other than sitting there empty ever since I was fairly young. 
 Another cool find. Another building which harbors a thousand stories.
 And back to Somo Avenue Recreation Area, aka SARA Park.
Here’s my updated map. This walk is in yellow. This map looks like I am almost done, but I still have a lot of the outlying streets and suburbs, such as Jersey City and Frenchtown and Hiawatha Heights. Stick with me, I’ll make it. 


Beth Camp said...

A lovely stroll, evocative of other times and many other stories. I'm looking forward to Frenchtown, and Dino is indomitable!

Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

Thanks, Beth, for the comment. We have many beautiful streets in our town, as I'm sure most people do. I will keep going.

LindyLou Mac said...

I always enjoy exploring off the beaten track when I visit somewhere new, very interesting.