Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Walking the Streets of Hatchet Creek - Day 8

Sorry that I have missed a week or two. That’s what going on vacation does to a person’s schedule. But as we all know, no matter what it takes, we all need to go on vacation.

I cruised around a mostly residential area this week. In other cities, there are “bad parts of town”, streets you don’t want to walk even during the day. I’m happy to say that even though Tomahawk  has its share of rundown houses, a few doors down you will find the nicest well-kept home.

First though, I ran across St. Barnabas Episcopal Church. The only time I was ever in here, I was only in the basement, when the boy scouts were cleaning up the food pantry many years ago.

 Longfellow School used to be in this location. They also called it "Swamp School" because of the swampy area just behind it, but that was way before my time.

 I don’t like taking pictures of people’s houses. I feel like I am intruding but this house is for sale, so I am offering some free advertising. At one time it used to be a bed and breakfast. I wish I had the nerve to call the realtor to ask to see it just for fun.

 Currently the VFW, not too long ago this was called the Axiom building and was where the youth group from the Vineyard Church met. Before that the Vineyard Church met here. I believe at one time it was the Masonic Lodge and I don’t know what else. 

This has been the Senior Citizen hangout ever since I can remember, but I am sure that it was something else at one time.

 Is there even a house in there?

Oh, there it is. Hard to believe it is only a block off of Main Street.

 And here is my route, marked in yellow this week. I met three different people I know on this walk. When am I going to run into you? 


Gabbygeezer said...

Good comment about being unafraid of walking anywhere in Tomahawk. I feel the same way walking in our nearest small city, Plainwell, Michigan, which has about the same population as Tomahawk. Probably this good feeling of safety is characteristic of most smaller communities

Susan Marlene Kinney said...

I recently took a photo of a house that needs lots of TLC and the price is very affordible but the fix-ups would empty the bank account for sure! This is a fun post! :)