Sunday, October 5, 2014

Still more proof

“It is like a tiny mustard seed! Though this is one of the smallest of seeds, yet it grows to become one of the largest of plants, with long branches where birds can build their nests and be sheltered.” Mark 4:31-32Living Bible )

I blogged about the mustard seed once before, so am not going to elaborate. But I did discover something this weekend which I need to share to clarify the whole story about the mustard seed.

 First of all, we have been to the Mustard Museum in the past, when it was in Mt Horeb. When we drove through there last spring, we were greatly dismayed to see that the building had been taken over by a women's clothing store or something. Totally unexpectedly, I discovered Friday night that the Museum had moved to Middleton, and as luck would have it we were spending the night just down the road in Madison.

So, on that dreary Saturday morning, I dragged the hubby there. And discovered this:
All along I wondered what the Bible was talking about when it said that the mustard seed was the smallest seed yet produced the largest plant. I happen to only be familiar with the yellow mustard plant. But look - the black mustard plant fits the bill perfectly.

Which proves to me, once again, that the Bible is always right! Imagine that!

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