Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The House on the Rock. Again? Really?

Yes, really, when we stayed in Madison for vacation 2008, to tour around the neighboring countryside, we had to stop at the House on the Rock in Spring Green. Again. That must have been the – maybe eighth or ninth time I had been there in my lifetime. Honestly.

I think I might be done with it now. It has gotten way too big. As I am sure I shared in earlier blogs, the actual House itself, latched to the top of Deer Shelter Rock, is still the best part for me. The nooks and crannies, stairs to nowhere, carpet on the ceiling, a waterfall coming out of a corner, books on shelves which no one can reach. I love it.

And then over the years, they added the Streets of Yesteryear, the music machines, the big whale room, and on and on and on. It’s crazy.

Give me peace and quiet and a slow pace. Give me one little House to visit, to build a rapport with. I just keep going back. I don’t know, it’s like picking a scab I guess.

After that long walking tour of millions of random antiques and stray paraphernalia, we drove through Dodgeville, Mineral Point and Mt Horeb. All of which are fascinating little towns, with lots of interesting stuff to see, and darn it, I sure can’t keep them straight. Except that the Mustard Museum is in Mt. Horeb – something that is hard to forget. I need to spend more time in those quaint villages, and less time at that House on the big boulder.

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