Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Time to kill . . .

In 2006, as you probably know, I traveled to Kenya on a mission trip with my daughter and 13 others. Each day one of our team members was assigned to lead devotions. When it was my turn, I opened the Bible to Ecclesiastes 3 and was amazed that every line was something I had witnessed while in Africa. Over the next several weeks, I will be sharing those reflections in my Sunday blog.

A Time to kill

When we first arrived at Mosiro, Dave Bell, our team leader, purchased several goats from the Maasai. Every day one of the goats would disappear and would later reappear on our dinner plate. I wish I could say that the goat meat grew on me, but it seemed that with every meal, the meat just got tougher. Unlike the teenage boys on our team, I passed on the delicacy of raw goat kidney.

And a Time to heal

While in Mosiro, we spent two days holding a medical clinic. Most of the Maasai had never seen a doctor before. Some of the most common ailments were upper respiratory infections, skin infections, and eye infections; everyone got treated for intestinal parasites. Cathy Reese, from Indiana, was our physician for the trip, and she worked with two Kenyan nurses, Naphtali and Andrew (shown here).

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