Friday, June 24, 2011

The Best Laid Plans Always Change

Having traveled between Madison and Platteville quite a bit over the last few years, I had started to get a hankering to visit Pendarvis Historic Site in Mineral Point; the signs we always passed had peeked my curiosity. Our summer vacation of 2008 finally looked like my chance. On Monday evening, we decided that we would arrive there promptly at ten the next morning to take the first tour of the day.

Somehow or other, by 8:20 Tuesday morning, as we were leaving the hotel for the day, our plans changed. We ended up at Little Norway, near Blue Mound, instead. I can’t tell you if we made the right decision or not, since I have yet to tour Pendarvis, but I can tell you that I did like Little Norway. A lot.

Oh, go visit yourself, or at least visit their website. For me, having no Norwegian blood running through my veins, I still felt like I was in the “motherland” as I wandered the beautiful grounds and fascinating buildings.

Bonus for the day was that we bought discounted passes to get into both Little Norway and Cave of the Mounds, just down the road.

Cave of the Mounds is just another cave, but cool just the same. As we were going through it my husband shared one of his deep dark secrets – he had never been in a cave before. The poor sheltered man. Can you believe we have been together 16 years and still he has not seen it all?

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