Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Madison Connections

I’ve already shared with you my earliest memories of Madison, Wisconsin, and I alluded to a semester of college there. After that semester, I visited friends there a few times, attended a Loverboy concert. But didn’t take any road trips to my state’s capital, until after I met my husband.

Himey has been to Madison a lot. Not only because his father, the former senator, had worked there, but also because he just liked Madison. I kind of liked it too and was pleased to find someone who wanted to take me there.

I knew that Himey was my soul mate the first time I met him. And here is just another instance proving that. A few years after we were married, someone cleaning their house came across an old newspaper, and they gave it to my husband. The headlines included an article about his father, the Senator, and even included his picture. Himey didn’t think too much of it, but thanked the person and brought it home. He was interested in it enough to show it to me. I looked at it and squealed. “Did you read the date?”

“No,” he answered. “January 21, 1986?”

“That is my son’s date of birth. Isn’t that a crazy coincidence?”

He thought it was interesting, but he didn’t freak out.

We had taken the kids to Madison in 1996, but in 2008, we thought that just the two of us would bum around the city and outlaying area for four days. Four hot, humid days. And, just like in 1996, there was an air conditioner issue at the hotel.

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