Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just another house

I realize it has been a couple days, but I am still going to finish telling you about the trip to Virginia that my mom, my daughter Val and I took over Spring Break in 2008.

After the trip to the ER, and a visit with my great-aunt and great-uncle, the next stop in Virginia was at my mom's cousin's house. I tried describing it to Val, actually I described it pretty much like these pictures. Val did not believe me. She thought I was kidding or something. She didn't think that we really had relatives who lived in a genuine restored plantation house at the end of a boulevard-like driveway.

I've lived most of my life in a simple ranch containing three bedrooms or less. If I got up in the night to go to the bathroom in a house larger than that I would get hopelessly lost. Wow, it would be worth it though. I love my cousin's house; I always have. It is just plain cool - romantic and mysterious and cozy, all at the same time.

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