Monday, November 3, 2014

My First Blog of Thanks

A while back someone challenged me to post a picture of a flower. I think it was a lily. I was willing to do that, but then went – what? What am I doing? And then I totally forgot about it.

All the challenges out on Facebook and other social media get away from me. I know that most of them are in good fun and are ways of getting people interacting. But like I said, I just get confused and lose track of what I’m supposed to be doing.

I was most recently challenged to post things I was thankful for. But I think there was more to it than that; like I said, I lose track. So in yet another way to keep life simple, I will write my November blog posts about all the things I am thankful for. 30 things to be exact for the 30 days in November. I won’t post one each and every day, but am shooting for posting on my usual three days a week schedule and add enough thankful-items each time so that I end up at 30. Got it? I sure hope that now I am not making things complicated.

Of course, I must begin my list by telling you how thankful I am for my hubby. He is my rock and my anchor (are those the same things?). I can count on him to always wash my dishes, do the yardwork, shop for groceries, clean the litter box, you name it. He always knows how to make me laugh, and I can see how much he cares about other people, that he is willing to always put others before himself. About the only thing he is sketchy on is making the bed, but I have learned to adapt to that.

The second and third items on my list would have to be my kids Nick and Val. Those couple years that I was raising them by myself, I never would have survived if they hadn’t both been such easy keepers. I also wouldn’t have survived raising them by myself when they became teen-agers, but I already thanked the hubby so I’m not going back there.

Nick is my computer-guy. He has talked me through most of my internet and technology snafus. (Such as this, I cannot believe that snafu was in this program’s dictionary; I think Nick snuck it in there.) As wound up as he gets about his own stuff, he is always there to calm me down and bring me back to earth when I am about to blow a gasket.

And what can I say about my daughter Val, except the one thing that my hubby always says about her. If I am Lucy, she is Ethel. My partner in crime. I’ve seen things on Facebook about what a true friend is, that if you are sitting in jail, a friend will bail you out, but a true friend will be sitting there next to you. That’s my Val. I am thankful that she is who she is.

That’s three things I’m thankful for tonight. Look for more in a few days.