Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Six More Things to Give Thanks For

It is the last week of November and I last posted the number 18 and 19 things which I am thankful for. That leaves me 11 things and since I have only been writing about this topic on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I better get going.

Number 20 – I am thankful that my parents took us on vacation every summer and that I got to see so much of our country.
Number 21 – I am thankful that back in 2005, God put it in my heart and in my head that I should travel to other countries. I am thankful that I had the chance to volunteer in Kenya twice and in Peru once.
Number 22 – I am thankful that the hubby gives in to my wanderlust, and that he even at times is willing to join me on my travels. I always have such a good time when he comes along.  
 Number 23 – I am thankful that God gave me such an active imagination. Sometimes, it gets me in trouble such as when I can’t stay focused or when I find humor in something very serious, but overall, the crazy things which pop into my head are the things which keep me going.
Number 24 – I’m thankful for my health. Hah! Have you seen me in the last three days? My back went out on Saturday morning and I have not been able to straighten up and at random times my back goes into spasms which drop me to my knees if I am not hanging onto something (so I try to always hang onto something coz I do not want to end up on the floor. “I’ve fallen down and I can’t get up.” I do not have Lifeline.). But at the beginning of the month, I wrote up a rough draft of things I am thankful for so I wouldn’t forget anything. I am still thankful that overall I am very healthy. When my back isn’t out, I can still walk, run, exercise, do crazy stuff my fifty-something year-old body maybe shouldn’t do. I don’t have high blood pressure, my cholesterol and blood sugar are excellent (hard to believe when you see what I eat). So I really can’t complain, but this did cause me to think of one more thing that I am thankful for.
 Number 25 – I am thankful for technology. Some of the technology out there is scary (please don’t ever let them put a micro-chip in you), and some of it is dumb (exactly why do kids text their friends who are in the same room with them). But a lot of technology is really improving our lives, even saving lives. Example: Over the last few days I have been so thankful for my Kindle. When I am lying flat on my back in bed on the heating pad, it is so much easier to hold a Kindle and keep my place when I drop it when I am trying to shift my position than to hold a book, which is heavier, really hard to hold open with one hand, harder to turn the pages with one hand and if I drop it, I don’t know what page I am on. I also gotta love my laptop today coz it is not painful at all to sit in my office chair with my fingers on the keyboard.  
(As a side note, I am thankful that I had all of these pictures already in the computer and that they all belong to me so I never have to worry about copyright infringement. Number 23 is very helpful. And by the way, that is a picture of cookie dough.)

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