Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A House, a barn and a horse

 I’ve put on a lot of miles the last two months, which means I’ve taken a lot of pictures as well. I wanted to continue in chronological order, finishing up April before moving onto May and certainly before June. But this past Sunday afternoon, when my son said, “I suppose you will blog about this right away,” I couldn’t disappoint him.

My son Nick rents a room in a restored turn of the last century farmhouse in south-eastern Wisconsin.  His landlord has a small church in the neighboring city of Whitewater and once a year he has a church service in his barn, followed by a potluck. He invited Nick to speak about our work in Kenya during this weekend’s service.  
First, though, when I got there Saturday night, Nick took me out to eat at the Bicycle Shop / Deli / General Store in the community of La Grange.
We took this picture in honor of our cat Fred who has a tobacco addiction. 
This was the guest room I got to sleep in. No air conditioning, but it does have WiFi.
 In case you forgot what the weather was like this weekend, I took this in the car on the way down. At least the car had air conditioning
 Not only is the inside of the house beautiful, the yard is simply amazing.
 The barn where the church service was held. Maddie was not willing to give up her share of the barn. 
 But at least she listened intently to what Nick had to say. 
And she was very glad when everyone left and she could just go hang out in her pasture.   

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