Friday, June 10, 2016

Churches, Barns and A Bridge

There really are other things going on in my life, but I am still compelled to finish sharing our trip to Illinois in April before I tell you anything else. I need to finish something. As I look around the house and in my laptop and see twenty started projects, I think that if I just concentrate on one thing at a time, I can make some progress. As slow as that progress is. 

So here is yet another day in the life of Chris and Hubby on vacation. First stopped at the Norwegian Memorial, just up the road from our resort, but it was closed until May.
Then the Norway United Methodist Church in Norway. 
Finally got to the town of LaSalle where there was a cute little memorial park, but a cooler old church. 
My main goal was the Red Covered Bridge in Princeton. 

Spanning Bureau Creek, it is one of only six covered bridges left in the state and the only one still open to traffic. 

Built in 1863, the sign still posted over the entrance reads, "Five dollars fine for driving more than twelve horses mules or cattle at one time or for leading any beast faster than a walk on or across this bridge." 

Have I shared pictures of all the fascinating barns we saw? 
 At some point in my education, I learned the names for these kinds of barns, but haven’t been able to find that information on-line.

 I don’t suppose they teach kids in school anything about barns these days?

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Denise said...

Your hubby is as tolerant as mine, dragging them to all these places just to see one little thing (such as the bridge). I love the barn pictures. Was the church open?? That's the cool thing about other countries--the churches or at least 90% of them are open during the day.