Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day and Other Things

Today is Father’s Day and yesterday was the 17th anniversary of my sister passing away. My dad’s been gone for 23 years. I miss them both every single day.

I think how much they both shaped my life. My sister’s sense of humor and quick wit. My dad’s dry sense of humor. My sister’s easy laugh and dimples. My dad’s half-smile.

They were both so intelligent and absorbed books like my garden absorbs rain water, as if reading was necessary for life. They were both tenacious perfectionists, unable to finish a job until it was done to their satisfaction. And yet, as tough as they were on the outside, they had soft hearts, reviling suffering or injustice.

I picture them in heaven competitively playing cribbage or throwing horseshoes, building things which they had only imagined here on earth. And hopefully they are waiting for the day – way in the future – when the rest of the family I can join them.     

The best picture I've been able to find of Pat and Dad

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