Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Our Freedom at Any Cost

You know, I might actually get through my pictures and my stories from our trip to Illinois in April if it wasn’t for all these holidays popping up. Not that yesterday would be considered a holiday.

It was D-Day, the day in 1944 when the Allied Forces stormed the beaches of Normandy and began the liberation of Western Europe from the Nazis. It was a turning point in the war. A war that had we lost, we would have no longer had our freedom. 

So, when we got to Pontiac, Illinois, we stopped at the Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame, which is in the old fire department building. In one end of the building is the Livingston County War Museum. It pretty much left me speechless. 

 I just can’t stress enough, in these crazy times we live in, that we have to protect our freedom. At any and all cost. 

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