Sunday, June 5, 2016

Here and Gone

One day during our April vacation, we spent a few hours driving around the town of Dwight, Illinois. We ended up at the historic train depot. I got all excited when I heard the train whistle.
But – 

Whoosh! The train barreled down the tracks and right on out of town. I was in awe.

Hubby laughed at me, asking, “Did you think the Amtrak would stop in this little town?”

Well, no, but you would think it would slow down.  

How often do we say that events in life are just like that? “I remember when she was a baby, and now she’s graduating from high school.” “I can’t believe this year is our 25 year high school reunion.” “Am I really old enough to retire?”

One minute the train is pulling into the station, and the next it is gone. 
Enjoy life while you can. It goes by way too fast. 

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