Thursday, July 14, 2016

Kids, kids and more kids

Earlier this week, I posted pictures of some of the speakers and artists we saw at Lifest. Always an amazing and talented group of people. Sometimes, though, the other things a person witnesses are just as amazing and just as much a testament to our heavenly Father.

Between acts on the Grandstand on Thursday evening, a little girl was picking the clover flowers from the grass where she sat with her family. After she had given everyone in her family a flower, she reached out and started giving them to all the people in the area. 
 She gave me a few of them. 
 And my hubby too. 
 Everyone who received a flower expressed their appreciation to the little girl and a lot of people displayed their gifts by tucking them behind their ears or sticking them in their hats. 
 One woman strung a handful of clover with longer stems into a crown and placed it on the little girls head. She had taken it off to check it out by the time I got my camera on her. 
 Other kids had fun in all sorts of other ways, not that this looks fun to me at all. 
 The ducks boats would be okay, but I don’t think I would fit. 
 Bob and Larry even showed up. 
 And what kids don’t love the petting zoo. 
 Kids and baby animals. Is there anything better? 

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