Tuesday, July 12, 2016

No More Muddy Messages

Saturday evening, Hubby and I returned from another great Lifest. I was looking back over the previous eight Lifests that I’ve attended, and well, they’ve gotten kind of muddy. What matters though is that the message hasn’t gotten muddy.

Either the last time or the time before that, when I was at Lifest, I carried around a little notebook and actually took notes on what the speakers had to say, snippets of their inspirational words. Umm, yea, this year, no notebook. I had paper and pen in my backpack and thought about pulling them out a couple times, but then told myself, “you’ll remember”.  Umm, yea, no.

My next great idea (in addition to buying the book written by one of the speakers) was to find their message on their websites. That’ll work, when I get around to it.

Argh. The good news, however, is that I actually edited through the over one hundred pictures I snapped. And that’s probably what you really want to see.  

 Jimmy Needham
 The amazing Tiffany Thompson
 Peder Eide, under cover from the rain, while we toughed it out, not enough rain though to make much mud. Earlier that day, it was a different story.  
 Jonnie W, comedian
 Britt Nicole
 Dani Tietjen, originally from Detroit and now living in North Minneapolis in the poorest neighborhood in all of Minnesota. She's scrappy and my new favorite inspirational speaker, and the one I bought the book from. 
 Josh Wilson
 Doing the Chainsaw to Family Force 5. We didn't quite get it, but that's ok. We are old. 
 Jeremy Camp
 Eric Samuel Timm. Can you see the rainbow behind the stage? 
 Nancy Beach
 Joshua Jordan, illusionist, and I thought he was funnier than the comedian who followed. 
Peder Eide and his remarkably talented daughter, Allison

Oh, and that message? You know, the one that is important, that I won’t let get muddy in my brain ever again? God’s got it covered. He loves me and He’s got my back. Always.  

Check back next time for the rest of the story. 

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