Thursday, September 22, 2016

A 26th anniversary celebration

One year ago today, I had hoped to begin a week or two of celebrating a 25th anniversary with you. I guess it will be a 26th anniversary instead. 

26 years ago, I moved into this house. It has changed a bit over the years and if I can get a bunch of pictures scanned, I'll share those changes with you here, starting with the front of the exterior.
 Moving day. September 22, 1990
 Closing up the garage to turn it into the family room, spring 1999. I also had a new roof put on, I think around 1994, way before I went crazy taking pictures with the digital camera.
 Living room window moved to the old garage and new windows put in what will become our bedroom. The garage service door has been replaced and has become our main entry door.
Exterior walls done, just need a coat of paint
 The finished remodel, August 1999 (it didn't take that long to finish, just that long for me to get a picture, as digital photography was still not yet in my hands).
 Ah, I had to add a winter picture. December 20, 2011
August 26, 2012, following the completion of the second roof I've had put on this house.

Come next time to see the back of the house.

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