Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The View from the Backyard

As promised last week, here's the view of my house from my backyard. Just as the front has, the back has had its share of changes as well. 
September 22, 1990, the day we moved in. 
Nine years later, September 22, 1990. That spring we had turned the garage into the living room. Note the patio doors which don't open unto a patio. Also, the lovely, though practical, clothes line. 
In the spring of 2003, we were ready to add the deck. The attractive plastic on the patio door was to keep the outdoor cats from climbing the screen.  
Making way for the deck.
The deck in progress. My brother-in-law put it up for us. Thanks, Claude. 
Starting to look more like a deck. 
And it's almost finished. 
Ok, December 20, 2011, the deck has been done for a long time and is fading nicely. This is my token winter scene. Oh, and we have a new clothes line, too. I do have pictures of that going up, but that is even more boring than the deck. 
July 7, 20012
August 26, 2012. Can you tell the difference between this picture and the previous one? We had a new roof put on. 
September 9, 2014, my most recent backyard picture. I know, you are surprised that I didn't actually take one every single year. 

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