Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Only Walk This Summer

Was it two years ago that I came up with this great idea of walking every street in my hometown? I was pretty faithful that first year, but petered out by the second. And here we are rolling into the Autumn of 2016 and I haven't shared any walks here this year. Or at least I don't remember doing so. 

Last spring and summer I was battling bursitis in my right hip and tendinitis in my left Achilles. The bursitis seems to be cured, but that Achilles is still killing me. Yes, I work at a doctor's office, but you know that health care workers make the worst patients. And speaking of the day job, I've been working a lot of long days and leaving work with no remaining energy. 

In any event, last Friday, with the car in the shop for two hours, I had some time to kill and the weather was perfect. I was reminded of how blessed I am to live in such a beautiful place.   

This little park-ette is just past the public library, along the Wisconsin River. It was a Girl Scout Gold Project from ten years ago.

The Wisconsin River - amazing any time of year.

The fire pit behind the library, in honor of the Lintereurs.

Parting words of wisdom.

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