Thursday, May 11, 2017

2017 Kenya Log Entry 10

Here I am again, not being as productive as I had hoped. Fortunately, for you, I still have pictures to share from Hell’s Gate.

Here Boni and John are giving us instructions for hiking in the gorge. 
 Here we go down into it. 
 Somewhere along here is where my feet went out from under me and I came down on my left hand. That was five weeks ago, and it still hurts. I did have it x-rayed when I got home and it wasn’t broken. It is feeling much better though every day. 
 Rachel and Kenzie, our volunteers from back home, put up with a lot from me that day. 
 I don’t know how I would ever exit in case of emergency, but how reassuring. Not so much. 
 Rachel and Kenzie dealing with me again. 
 This is the point where Boni said, “we can go to the left up this canyon and see a lot and climb a lot and it will take a half an hour, or we can go the other way and be out in five minutes. Your choice.” As if I had a choice. 

 Our first major obstacle. I took this one like a champ. Too bad I melted down later on, 
 As if the rope at this emergency exit will save me.
 Then just a few more bends and I hit the wall. If you didn’t read about that earlier this week, you’ll have to go back and check that out. 
 A beautiful place and truly worth it.

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