Monday, May 1, 2017

2017 Kenya Log Entry 6

Tuesday morning, with our two volunteers back from Safari and ready to jump into things, we headed out to see the rabbit project headquarters. 
 We met the two people in charge, Isaac and Irene. After receiving some information on the project, we went with Irene to see the rabbit demonstration farm. 

 We were shown how to pick up and hold a rabbit. 

 And we each made friends with the one we got to hold. 

 All of the rabbits were friendly and looked well-cared for. 
  Then, since we thought we now knew everything there was to raising rabbits, we went back to the volunteer house to work on our presentation. 
Rachel and Kenzie decided to revisit last year’s chicken project and teach about the life cycle of the chicken. That left the rabbit teaching to me
You’ll have to check back next time to see how our presentation turned out. 

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