Friday, January 11, 2019

Flashback Friday - 8mm movie stills

 If you read Sunday’s post, you may remember that I promised you the story behind the picture I posted.

A few years before I was born, my parents got an 8mm movie camera. Which means, that as I’ve been going through the box of old pictures of my mom’s, I’m finding a ton of faded photos of my brother and oldest sister. By the time my other sister and I had come along, my parents were so in to using the movie camera, that they didn’t take nearly as many snapshots.

A few months ago, I ran across an ad for an online place that “preserves your family memories”. I did some research and opted to “preserve my family memories” locally. The woman has done an okay job putting those 8mm reels onto CDs, and I’m not going to complain. The movies are fifty-plus years old, after all. I just can’t get them from the CD onto my computer so I can edit them. But for now, I can improvise. And get misty eyed. 
 My sister Pat and I. 
 Pat and I with our paternal grandma. 
With Dad, in matching sweaters that Mom probably knit for us. 
We had a nauseatingly lot of matching outfits. 

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