Friday, January 4, 2019

Things Can Only Get Better

I promise that I will get back on my three-days-a-week blogging schedule, but for today I’m keeping it short and sweet. As you may have heard, I’ve had another minor setback. If I told you all about it, this post would be anything but short and sweet. It would be the complete opposite and not for the faint-hearted. Let’s just say that I am thankful we have two bathrooms in our house and that Hubby and I can cross off our bucket list one more thing that every couple should do together.   

(January 1, 10:00 pm. Me: I think it’s time. I have to get to the bathroom.
Hubby: Me too.
January 1, 11:20 pm. Me: I’m going in again.
Hubby: Me too.
January 2, 12:15 am. Me: I'm not gonna make it. [good thing I have a bucket.]
Hubby no response as he is already in his bathroom.)

Yesterday morning he observed that we have been sick every day so far this year. Isn’t he a gem?

We are both much better today. I’m almost back to eating normally, Hubby not yet. I even somehow gained back one of the four pounds I lost in 24 hours. Things can only get better. 

Let me end with a picture of one of my neighbors just hanging out in my backyard the day before New Year’s Eve.

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Beth Camp said...

Perhaps getting sick right on the turn of 2018 to 2019 makes us even more thankful. My hubby and I both got this horrible nasal-throat-cough cold that even antibiotics for him couldn't help. Another blessing, I have Viking genes and am starting back to write TODAY!!!! Happy New Year, Chris.