Friday, May 20, 2011

Like I need more daughters

As a lead-in to next week's blog trip to Virginia, I need to tell you about some of my other daughters.
We've had a total of three girls from Germany stay with us. Our high school German class does an exchange where our students match up with one of theirs for two weeks in Wisconsin during the school year and then two weeks in Germany the following summer. Julia number one in Fall 2003, Julia number two in Spring 2006 and Verena in Fall 2007. They were all great girls, but Verena totally adopted us and even came back for a visit.
Ines, from Portugal, and Meimei, from Taiwan, at the Mall of America. Thanks to all these international daughters, I made way too many trips to the Mall in Minnesota within four years. About the time of this trip, Meimei started going out with one of my son's friends. They are still together and just came over for a visit this week.
Ines lived with us from November 2007 until June 2008. Like a regular daughter, she drove us nuts at times, but like any other daughter, we loved here unconditionally.

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