Monday, May 2, 2011

Scenic Superior

I already told you all about my major travel with Val in 2006. So suddenly, I am up to 2007. It is July 29, a Sunday morning, and Himey and I are heading to Superior. I have this three day trip planned, like usual, down to dollars and hours, and Himey doesn’t have a clue.

First thing to surprise him is the big sign coming into Superior advertising the Bong Musuem. I told him I planned on going there the next day. He thought I was pulling his leg. But, just like Himey, you will have to wait a day to hear about it.

We stopped at Amnicon Falls State Park just outside of Superior. A pretty place, but way too many people on a Sunday afternoon. Rather hard to take a decent picture of the Falls when kids and their parents are playing in it.

We got to our hotel in time to check in and headed right back out for supper. We found a little family restaurant, Julie’s, the food was pretty good and our waitress was super. The only problem was it was warm in there, but hey, it was hot outside, so really what do you expect.

The next morning, at the usual crack of dawn, we rolled out of bed and downstairs for the free continental breakfast. If you have stayed at many Day’s Inns, you know it truly a hit or a miss. Some are simply dumps and some are pretty decent. This one – well, it was ok, a little old and musty, and if I remember correctly one wall was a solid mirror, but at least it was clean and we didn’t plan on spending much time there.

We were on the road by 8:45 am, heading to Split Rock Lighthouse. My husband had never been there, and from his reaction, he hadn’t seen pictures either. Split Rock Lighthouse, to me, is the epitome of the perfect lighthouse. Set high on a rocky bluff above Lake Superior, it is the classic cylindrical shape, several stories tall and made of brick. The look of it says romance, history, a thousand stories, some happy, some sad. And my sad story is that with my digital camera just a year old, I managed to delete all the best pictures.

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