Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What's in your sky tonight?

When I left work this afternoon, I heard rumbling to the east and looked up at storm clouds swirling. Behind me, to the west, the sun was shining. As I headed out of town, I continued watching the sky, looking for one thing. Sure enough, a rainbow started peeking through the trees and buildings. As I got into the country, I could see the full-length of it, running from one end to the other across the sky.

Nuts, was all I could think, my camera is at home.

I flew up the driveway and tore open the front door. Poor Dino whined from his pen, as if to say, did you forget me, Mom? I had other things on my mind besides the dog. Rainbows never seem to last long and I wanted to catch this one.

I drove back up the road, out of our thick woods and unto the highway. It was still there and I started shooting pictures as the car rolled to a stop. Then it dawned on me that the perfect setting would be down the road less than three miles. But could I make it there before the colors started to fade? 

As I accelerated to 55 mph, I snapped pictures out the open window.One just never knows what one might capture. 

Then the car came up over a rise and the field I had been seeking appeared on the left. Ahh, I had made it. I need to get a life, don’t I?

As I drove back to the house, the DJ on the radio was saying something about Venus, Earth and the sun all being aligned tonight. And if you could look into the blinding light of the sun you would see something cool. Really? I already had my something cool. 


Denise said...

Very Nice, I did the same thing the other night, the rain stopped, sun came out, dark clouds to the east nice=Bright Rainbow, but wasn't happy with the pics. Regarding the Venus Transition the other night I took Daves welding shied, binoc's to look at the sun,tried to take a pic, but, no luck. Oh well when it happens again in 100+ yrs, we will have a better view from our clouds in heaven!

Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...