Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Patricia Ann and Nicholas Ryan

I almost forgot it was Tuesday and didn't post a blog. When I have my act together, and my head isn't in the clouds, I try to write each blog a day or two ahead of time. That way I avoid that nine pm crunch. Speaking of crunch, I had a compulsion to bake cookies tonight so that is how I squandered part of my evening.

Now that the dust has settled and reality has set in  - in a few short months I may have my own book in my hands - I find myself wandering back to where this all really started. Sure, I always wanted to write, ever since I could write, but who was it that gave me the dream, believed in me? There was Mrs. Nocco in the six grade and Mrs. Hanson in Freshman English. 

But late at night, when I couldn't sleep, I knew I could call my sister Pat. She maybe didn't appreciate it but she did appreciate that, along with everything else we had in common, we felt the need to write. Some day, when I have a few more books under my belt, when I have a few more literary connections, my dream is to publish the book she started writing when she was in high school. She worked on it up until a couple years before she died. It still needs a little work, but I think that some day it will make it in to print. If I can do it, surely Pat can.
It took me awhile to figure out why I picked these two pictures. My sister Pat and my son Nick. They have an awful lot in common. Perfectionist tops the list. Just like Pat, though, I can pretty much reach Nick at the dumbest times. I can count on him to be on-line at midnight as well as six am. 

I feel bad that I couldn't find any pictures of Aunt Pat with Val, but just you wait Val, your turn will come.


Anonymous said...

Chris I love your writing. It makes me happy! love you

Paula Streich said...

I remember riding Barney...I miss Pat so much...especially when I see these pics...thanks for sharing.

Valerie Confer said...

Thanks for making me cry every time I read your blogs. I wish Aunt Pat was still here to see how amazing you are and how much you've accomplished. She would be so proud.

Valerie Confer said...
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Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

Sorry, Val. I thought it made you cry to think your brother was ever this cute.