Sunday, October 28, 2012

What do I love?

A fellow blogger posed this question in her blog and asked that others write their own posts on this. What do I love? Where would I even start?
I love my family, my pets, my friends. I love chocolate and milkshakes and mashed potatoes. I love Lake Superior and Kenya and Peru and Germany – even though I have never been to Germany.  

I love my house, my yard, and sleeping in my own bed at night. I especially appreciate that last one on nights like this where I have been up since 3:30 am because I couldn’t sleep. (One thing I do not love is when blogger does what it wants to with my font size.)
I love walking on the beach, hiking in the woods, taking pictures of random things and laying out in the sun on my deck. I love a quick hot shower in the morning. I can’t say I love cleaning my house, but I love it when the house is clean.

I love to travel and discover new places. I really love learning new things and reading about obscure news and odd facts. I love hearing about history.

Oh, and I love to sing. It should go without saying that I love to read and to write.

What a joy-filled life I have! To love so many things and to get to experience them!
I am blessed!

Thank you Lord for giving me this beautiful world to live in and this wonderful life to lead. You have blessed me beyond measure. 

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