Thursday, June 5, 2014

Documenting my Run

All week, I have been earnestly meaning to start walking the streets of my hometown but finding just that one hour in my hectic schedule seems to be a challenge. With the fulltime job, housework, a garden, my blogs, my other writing, my bumming, and my quest to run a 5K, I am left a few hours to sleep and eat. Oh, it’s not that bad. But I did decide last night that until I get it together I could combine a few things. When I went for a two-mile run, I took my camera with and documented my very own road. That felt like a reasonable commitment to the “walk every street”  dare.

First of all, though, the mosquitoes have been horrendous for the last week. I thought that since I would dawdle on this run, I might need protection.

Bad idea. The first thing I did was spray some in my eye. I am a danger to myself.

I somehow managed to get under way, Dino leading the way.

Isn’t this tree a beauty? I should have parked Dino in front of him, so you could see how big he is. The woods all around here were once filled with mammoth white pines. But logging them all off is what most of our towns were built on, Tomahawk wouldn’t be a town today if it hadn’t been for these trees.

I don’t know what these trees were up to once upon a time. The one guy must have been lonely or maybe he was jealous and thought he should butt in between the others.

 This used to be part of a billboard, back in the day when the highway ran past our road. I should have taken another picture to put it in perspective, but you will have to take my word for it.

I think this used to be a no-trespassing sign, but it has been hanging like this for many years.
 I was trying to get a picture of the ferns on the side of the road, but like our shadows better. Doesn’t Dino’s look more like I made his with my hand? 


doni said...

Great story Chris. Gave me a couple good giggles. ;)

Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

I have accomplished yet another goal every time I make someone laugh. Thanks, Doni.