Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Not really the streets of Hatchet Creek

I haven’t walked any streets this week, but I walked some roads nonetheless.

I’ve written before about how cemeteries fascinate me – the stones, the names, the stories I imagine in my mind. But with all my traveling, I have neglected the cemeteries in my own hometown, thinking that there was nothing fascinating among those stones. Wrong.

My hubby was the grounds’ keeper for Greenwood Cemetery for, I think, seven years. He shared lots of stories about those stones. And loved to say that it was the perfect job – he had a thousand people beneath him and none of them complained. (That’s a very good thing.)

There are a few old stones in main part of the cemetery.

But if you go straight back and into the woods, you find these.

The hubby says that it used to be the catholic cemetery but years ago they moved the catholic section to Calvary south of town. Families who couldn’t afford to move the graves of their loved ones, or if there was no family left, those graves got left behind.

In October 2003, Chris Erickson cleaned out this section as his Eagle Scout project. Too bad that it has mostly gone back to the woods.

I would love to hear from you if you know whether the story of this old part of Greenwood is true.

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