Sunday, June 1, 2014

What's your minor inconvenience?

When Moses spoke, the flies and other insects swarmed in vast clouds from one end of Egypt to the other. Psalm 105:31 Living Bible

When I took off for Michigan’s UP this week, I forgot it was black fly season. I’ve written about it before. I always think of these pesky insects as infesting only the area around Lake Superior, I forgot that the entire Upper Peninsula is fair-game.
What a pretty picture of Mackinac Bridge. Too bad something was on the lens of my camera. Nope, those are the black flies. 
How helpful that a gas station in Escanaba offered this service. 
My car when I got home, after I had washed it off already earlier in the trip.  
 Even though these flies must feel like a plague every May and June, it is truly only a minor inconvenience. Other minor inconveniences we encounter daily might include a flat tire, a rainy day when you had outdoor plans, hitting a deer with your car, coming down with a cold. These things might ruin your day but they shouldn’t ruin your life.  

Take a look around you, check the news sometime, see what people in other parts of the world consider a minor inconvenience. Then thank God that a few flies, a few mosquitoes, whatever you encounter today, are all things that you can handle. And when you encounter things you cannot handle, turn it over to God.  

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