Thursday, June 12, 2014

Walking the Streets of Hatchet Creek - official Day 1

I seem to be getting off to a very slow start with this “WalkingEvery Street of my hometown” thing.  Last night was my first actual, official walk. I only went a few blocks, or ten blocks, it depends on how you count them.

 I had a writer’s group at the Library at six, so I got there early, parked the car and headed up the street. On this walk, I ran into not just one, but two people I know, who I stopped to visit with. Of course it is a good thing to run into people and to stop to visit, but do you suppose this is going to be a trend? I will never finish by the end of the summer if that is the case.

I have another issue going on right now. I haven’t figured out how to post a map with my route highlighted. I tried pulling one off of the internet, and when that failed I thought I would just scan my city map, highlight each day and scan it as I go along. But for the last two days, my scanner hasn’t worked. Seems like the stars are just not lining up for me.

But, you aren’t here to read about my woes, you are here to hear about what I encounter out on the street.

When I was a kid this was an actual service station and the place where the Greyhound bus stopped. A few times I took the bus to Wausau to see my sister. I can’t even believe I typed those words. Wausau is currently forty miles away. My geography skills continue to be fair to mediocre so how did Wausau get so much closer to Tomahawk in the last 35 years? When I was a kid, it was a major planned trip to go to Wausau. My sister and her family would come up for the weekend and spend the night because it was too far to drive here and back in a day. We didn’t just jump in the car and run to Wausau to buy cereal at Sam’s. Times have changed, haven’t they? Whatever happened to Greyhound?

Fast forward all the way up to my senior year in high school. The Beking Chinese Restaurant was the A&W then. I worked at Tomahawk Drug after school a few days a week and would stop at the A&W for a milk shake and fries on my way to work.

I always thought this garage was cool. I don’t know why. My imagination pictures it being filled with mysterious old gadgets and mildewy antiques.

The Fit Factory used to be a church. Maybe if you can’t get in shape, you can at least pray about it. 


Denise said...

I think I will go to New London today & take some pictures, Hubby is a my dads. BTW: Was going to work on the WSMA Directory, but what the heck put it off yet another day.

Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

Denise, there will always be time to do your work. Better to take the time to have fun.